welcome to mikaglow


Hi, my name is Anna. I’ve always had sensitive skin and finding the right products has always been a challenge for me. For over eight years now, I’ve been researching and learning about which products and ingredients are best for sensitive skin.  That's how Mikaglow was born. In 2021, I had the opportunity to develop my own skin care products (with the help of an amazing team!) and create a brand that people can relate to.  Our laboratory has over 30 years experience in formulating premium skin care and personal care products.

Proudly made in Canada, our products are also Gluten Free, Non GMO, Paraben Free and Not Tested on Animals.

Perfect skin shouldn't be a compromise!

Let’s face it, your skin deserves the best! 
Mikaglow’s laboratory is committed to selecting the highest quality of raw materials. Each ingredient is carefully selected in all its integrity to deliver visible and long lasting results. Our plant extracts and essential oils are grown without pesticides or herbicides. For the well-being of all, no preservatives, perfumes or chemical dyes are used. 
Safety and customer satisfaction is our priority. As such, rigorous quality controls and dermatological tests are performed according to the standards and norms of Health Canada and the FDA. This guarantees the safety and performance levels of our formulas.  
Mikaglow, the new standard in skin care.